Extra Innings: 09/28/07

Marz’s thoughts:   You don’t even have to be a fan of baseball…you can be a total football fan but you can not argue that this weekend is absolutely incredible for baseball. Not one team in the NL knows where they are going to finish, don’t know if they will even be in the playoffs, if they are going to be at home or on the road. I believe there is going to be at least one playoff game on Monday, possibly two. I am just totally looking forward to this weekend and can’t wait to get in on Monday to talk about it.
P.S. – My picks are the Phillies in the East, Cubs in the Central, Arizona in the West and San Diego is the Wild Card

Cuch’s thoughts: The only good news the Mets have right now is that Moises Alou is in the midst of a 30 game hitting streak. When healthy he is a legit offensive power bat. Someone needs to step up and take over for this team this weekend but they face the Marlins coming off a sweep at home versus the Cubs. Florida is playing for pride and much like KC did to Detroit last year, the Marlins end the Mets run in the division this year – the only difference is the Mets are out all together.
P.S. – My picks are Philly in the East, Chicago in the Central, Colorado in the West and Mets, Padres and D-Backs will all be apart of a 3 team tie for the Wild Card.

Mike in Cherry Hill, NJ thoughts
Here’s a scenario for Monday night when there’s a "play-in" game at Citizens Bank Park:
Bottom of the 9th, Phils are down a run 6-5, bases loaded, 2 out, Billy Wagner trying to nail down the NL east title. And who is coming to the plate???? You got it:
James Calvin "Jimmy" Rollins, the player that has now displaced Chipper Jones as the number one target for all Met fans. The count runs full, all the runners are off with the pitch and here’s the pitch… there’s a line drive past the diving Jose Reyes and out into the left field, the tying run scores, here comes the winning run, Michael Bourn,flying around 3rd, Moises Alou comes up throwing, here’s the play at the plate and Bourn slides in SAFELY just under the tag of Paul Loduca. The towels are waving and flying all over place, the Phils clinch the the title and the members of the Baseball Writers Association come out and personally hand Rollins the MVP. Now, that’s POETIC JUSTICE.


What I said was, “If Jimmy Rollins gets his 20th triple this weekend to give him a quadruple double does that solidify him as the NL MVP??

Thank you Marz for the Dodgers jersey today…tho I’m totally sad they’re out of it, seeing you in the shirt made me smile. And I attribute all the Philly’s success to your enthusiasm this season – Christine in Tucson

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