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This was the original Bio information before John’s passing this weekend…just as a reminder of what a great guy we just lost.

Vinny Micucci: After Micucci’s 98 mph fastball was put out to pasture, he decided to become a professional rodeo clown. OK – none of this happened but if I didn’t say anything, you would have totally believed us, right? Micucci is entering his sixth season with the Baseball Channel. He also serves as a reporter on MLB.com’s video side, covering various special events throughout the year. Prior to joining MLB.com, Vinny was the voice of Hofstra baseball, football, basketball and lacrosse. Vinny has covered such events as the Little League World Series, the NBA and NFL Drafts, several NCAA Tournaments, the US Open Tennis tournament and covered basketball for Hoopstown. He was also the on-field host of the Long Island Ducks baseball team of the Atlantic League in 2002. He is a graduate of Hofstra University.

John Marzano: Marzano was born in South Philadelphia and attended Temple University. He is Rocky, Vince Papale, Mike Schmidt and the Liberty Bell all wrapped into one! In his 10 Major League season, he hit .241 while with the Red Sox, Mariners and Rangers. As a catcher, he worked with many great pitchers during his career and has tons of knowledge to pass along to the viewer as he breaks down the mechanics of all players! Despite Vinny’s attempts to sway him to New York Pizza – he refuses to budge and consistently winds up with a Philly Cheesesteak!

John’s obituary

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