August 2007








Extra Innings: 08/30/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Having Harry Kalas in the booth today with us brought back all of our childhood memories. Harry has been an amazing play by play announcer for years and years. I remember listening to him as a child and it was an honor to interview him today on our show. His HR call of me taking Bob Gibson deep…will be cherished by me for the rest of my life.
P.S. – Thanks to Harry for stretching as far as he did…a HR like that would only come in my dreams!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Remember John’s predictions. Lets see if his "Astrotravelling" is as good as Darren Daultons. He has the Padres over the D-Backs 4-3…the Yanks over the Red Sox 4-1..the Cubs over the Brewers 7-2 and the Phils sweeping the Mets 10-4!
P.S. – Thanks to all the crew for helping out and making for a successful trip to Philadelphia for todays show!

Extra Innings: 08/29/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Why is nobody talking about Jimmy Rollins for MVP? Alright, i get it, i talk Philly here but think about it…he hits for power, plays a great shortstop and sets the table for Utley and Howard. He is a team leader and was vocal in spring training (which is what a team needs). We always hear Reyes and power hitters when talking MVP but why not J-Roll?
P.S. – I am the Beast of the East – see you tomorrow on the show from Marzy Bank Park – i mean..Citizens Bank Park

Cuch’s thoughts:  As Rex Hudler now says….
From the nose to the toes, thats how Vladi goes
From the East to the West, Vladi is still the best
P.S. – Tune in tomorrow as we do the show from Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia!

Extra Innings: 08/28/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Pedro Martinez had 6.0 IP, 0 runs, 5 hits and 88 pitches. The one thing that the Mets need is help in their starting rotation and what a shot in the arm it would be for this team in September if Pedro Martinez could be 80% of what he was a couple of years ago.
P.S. – Phil Garner got the AX and Ozzie Guillen is on the chopping block

Cuch’s thoughts:  There are 6 major matchups and whether the bias of some media would like to admit it, the major matchups rank in the following interest…
Arizona-San Diego
Los Angeles – Seattle
Milwaukee – Chicago
New York – Philadelphia
Boston – New York
Minnesota – Cleveland
   ** That is the order you should be watching the games tonight (starting time difference taken into account)
P.S. – Jayson Werth will either go 4 for 4 or strikeout in his first AB