July 2007

Extra Innings: 07/31/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Trading Deadline is over at 4 ET. As a kid, I used to love the trading deadline…especially when my team was in contention for the pennant. It wasn’t a good feeling when my team was out of contention because you were going to lose a great player. The Phillies traded one of their best pitchers of all-time in Curt Schilling. You think you are going to get great players in return and that wasn’t the case. The same thing happened with names like Scott Rolen, Placido Polanco and Darren Daulton.
P.S. –  Griffey told me one time that the Mariners were trying to trade me for a bag of balls and the other team declined!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Predictions = Davies to KC for Dotel…Jermaine Dye goes NOWHERE…Eric Gagne to one of the New York teams…Jack Wilson to Detroit…Mike Piazza to the Angels…Bronson Arroyo to Seattle or Atlanta…
P.S. – Bonds will go 0-2 with a walk versus Penny, A-Rod will hit #500 on Wednesday versus John Danks and Tom Glavine will wait 1 more turn for win #300

Extra Innings: 07/30/07

Marz’s thoughts:  As a General Manager you always err on the side of caution when making a deal. If in fact Mark Teixeira heads to Atlanta for Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Elvis Andrus, this is one of those times that hurts. Salty is a blue chip prospect with tons of power. This would rank up there with the Kazmir to Tampa and Bagwell to Houston deals. They are guys you don’t want to trade because they can give you 10-15 years of quality ball. I would have found a way to get him or McCann over at 1B and keep the other catching.
P.S. – I can’t wait to get in the car and sing "On the Road Again" while heading home. I will sing loudly too!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Chris the Producer really has a lead foot but he made two great decisions for food on our way up to Cape Cod so I can’t be a hater! Last month I was saying that I wanted to see Barry hit the record breaking homer at home to avoid the silly stuff but now I think it would be more intriguing if he did it in LA or SD. I want to see the crowd reaction and Barry’s since he knows he will be sticking it in their faces. Plus, we get to see Bud react!
P.S. – With the trade deadline just over 24 hours away, I still expect very little dealing. Contracts are too high and teams do not want to give up many prospects.

Extra Innings: 07/26/07

Seth’s thoughts:  When have I ever had any thoughts that make sense? I am clearly someone who is lost and confused. I always have a stupid look on my face and I make little sense…so NO, i do not have any Extra Innings thoughts.
P.S. – This blog entry may or may not have been tampered with by John Marzano

Cuch’s thoughts:  Kudos to the Toronto Blue Jays who scored 11 runs in the 6th inning of their win yesterday. They have played good baseball lately but i can’t put a finger on their pulse. Are they a team that can think about obtaining players who are they retooling? How far away from competing for a division title are they? Health is always an issue but taking that out of the equation for a moment, they are one good pitcher away from being a force. The lineup is there, the top of the rotation is as well and if available, they have a dominant closer in BJ Ryan.
P.S. – I mean really Seth…who brings props to a rant?!?!

Extra Innings: 07/25/07

Marz’s thoughts:  You have to congratulate Craig Biggio on a tremendous career. He is going out the way a Hall of Famer should go out when he is on top. If I can have my career all over again, I would want to emulate his career both on and off the field. I also find it amazing how he has a flare for the dramatic. Just hours after he announces his retirement, B-G-O goes out and hits a Grand Slam to win it for the Astros!
P.S. – I wanted Craig Biggio’s career and got Bob Ueckers.

Cuch’s thoughts:  What does all of this cream, clear and steroid talk do? Well – evidence is just building up way too much and everyone can’t be in on some conspiracy at once, can they? I am not trying to be naive in the whole situation but the only fair way to handle it is to enjoy what Barry Bonds is accomplishing from a baseball standpoint and appreciate what talent it takes to achieve. I think Bud Selig is doing the right thing by going and saying the right things too…if and when new information comes out!
P.S. – What do you make of the new rumor circulating because of the comments on THIS BLOG that have people now linking Alyssa Milano to Dodger catcher Russell Martin?

Extra Innings: 07/24/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Minnesota has been a 2nd half team every year and Johan Santana has been the reason. As he goes, so do the Twins. He gave up 4 homeruns for the first time in his career yesterday. I don’t know for sure but the pitcher with the nasty stuff that Johan has that maybe – just maybe he is tipping his pitches!
P.S. – I felt bad for EJ missing us while we made fun of him until he came back with a cone in each hand!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Did Aaron Harang really go 10 innings? That is unheard of nowadays. What was more impressive is that he was able to mentally be prepared. Harang returned that day from his grandfathers funeral and pitched beautifully. His team would get the win in extra innings and I am sure that there was no better way to commemorate his grandfather than to go out and pitch the way he did.
P.S. – So we learned that they are authenticating the 499th homer (A-Rod) and 754th homer (Bonds) but why!?? Is it to practice the procedure for when the homers that actually break records happens?!

Extra Innings: 07/23/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Good Luck to John Lester on his comeback tonight. There are far more important things in life than baseball. He is an inspiration to all people who are suffering from this dreaded disease.
P.S. – I do not condone violence but if there is one person that i would like to get into the ring with…it is Scott Olsen!

Cuch’s thoughts:  I can sympathize with Johnny’s trip to the Ice Cream parlor. It is very difficult to make a decision. There are so many choices. Just look at this list from ONE chain…
P.S. – Willie Harris joins the ranks of 6 hits in one game and 2 of them are triples?!?! Wow

Extra Innings: 07/20/07

Marz’s thoughts:  The question is inevitably going to come up…whether or not the homerun record is tainted. If you read the book "Game of Shadows", you will have an understanding of what was going on in Barry Bonds’ life during this homerun chase. It is my opinion that this record was broken using some form of performance enhancing drugs, so i believe there should be an asterisk next to his name when in does break this record.
P.S. – I am going to go home and study my new words that I learned from Dave Check serendipitously….did i spell that right? who cares!

Cuch’s thoughts:    I watched the MLS All-Star game and although it is not impacting Johnny Marz, i am definitely more tuned in. Am i a devout soccer fan? No, but am I someone who keeps up with major events like this, yes. Money aside, David Beckham seems to have good intentions here and I will be paying attention to see what comes of his arrival in the US. (www.mlsnet.com)
P.S. – Does Tom Glavine sound intimidating Mets fans come playoff time? Add last nights performance to the list and seems as though there are holes in his water bucket.

Extra Innings: 07/19/07

Marz’s thoughts:  It was great to see a former teammate like Carlos Pena have a break out year. He is one of the nicest guys I have even met in baseball. Vinny and I constantly talk about how that transcends average, homeruns and RBIs. I am hoping that Tampa Bay understands what a great talent they have and he gets a long term contract. I think that organization is headed in the right direction and he will be an intergral part of it.
P.S. – I am going to tear some wallpaper off my wall so Vinny can wear it tomorrow on the show.

Cuch’s thoughts:  First off, what is with the ragging on my shirt? Secondly, it was all apart of my little scam! I knew Johnny Marz couldn’t resist making fun of it. Finally, We have figured on the show that 13 of 30 teams are actual sellers in the trade market. That number might still even be high considering we have the White Sox and Marlins in that group. Each are teams that can make the argument that they are talented enough or close enough to compete. With all that said, i believe we have one QUIET trade deadline.
P.S. – Coming up tomorrow – a Casey and Logan watch update. They are in Long Beach this weekend. (www.avp.com)

Extra Innings: 07/18/07

Marz’s thoughts:  All the guests we had today…Joe Gannascoli, Brian McRae and Jim Leyritz were all fantastic. They had incredible insights on the game of baseball and sports in general. Today was one of my favorite shows because we also got to talk about the Sopranos, driving in the rain and other issues like Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons.
P.S. – I can’t wait to get that pool stick from Vito, but i will use it to play pool!

Cuch’s thoughts:  The Chicago White Sox continue to fall yet GM Kenny Williams says he has no plans to scrap the team. Who is to blame? Is it the underachieving players like Jermaine Dye… is it the Manager Ozzie Guillen… or is it the GM himself? Perhaps everyone is to blame at some level but ultimately the White Sox are a huge flop. I will put my blame to start on Williams for some of the trades made in the pitching department.
P.S. – Seth is right, John and I make a point NOT to listen to him during his MLB.tv game of the day. We prefer to focus our attention to when either Keith Irizarry or Glenn Giangrande take over. They make more sense!

Extra Innings: 07/17/07

Marz’s thoughts:  The Phillies and Mets have to go out west. It is a prime example of good pitching beating good hitting. Philly and New York each have good offensive clubs but they were each shut down by teams in LA and San Diego that have upper tier pitching. It is because of this that I think that the Wild Card will come out of the West. Between the Dodgers and Padres…one will win the division and the other will take the wild card.
P.S. – Billy "The Fly" Sample would make the perfect wrestler with those sunglasses he had on today. He looked just like a fly with the bug eyes and his finishing move would be the Swatter!

Cuch’s thoughts:  So Scott Olsen gets suspended by the Marlins for two games without pay and we are more confused. What is Olsen’s deal? He has already been reprimanded for giving an obscenity to the crowd in Milwaukee. Clearly, Fredi Gonzalez is trying to cut off something at the pass and hopefully he figures it out. The Marlins have one of the most talented young staffs, however – Willis and Olsen have underperformed…Johnson was hurt and Sanchez settled down too. If they get back on track, they will compete!
P.S. – To answer the big question left unanswered today…it was the green death flavor