Extra Innings: 10/01/07

Marz’s thoughts:  This year was a tremendous year for me since it was my first year at MLB.com. The excitement in baseball was unparalleled and to top it off, my hometown Phillies make it to the playoffs on the 162nd game. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? To add to the excitement…i get to watch another game…here comes 163. Tonight, it is the Padres @ Rockies – WOW!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Can’t bring the man down, you have to let Johnny Marz bask in the glory of his big win! His Phillies are back in the postseason for the first time since 1993. As for the Mets, it is a collapse of "Epic Proportions". I can’t say for sure that is worse than the 78 Red Sox or the 64 Phillies or anything else, but does it really matter? It is one of those days where the Mets fans don’t want to even hear it.
P.S. – I would love to see the Rockies win tonight and be rewarded for the last two weeks of baseball. They have earned it and would make a better series against Philadelphia.


When is someone from the Yankees going to personally thank the Mets for making their season the worse collapse in New York sports history?

Let’s go Phillies!!!


Enjoyed the show today as always. You guys continue to build chemistry together. Marz can be flat out ridiculous (in a good way), and once Vinny figured that out, the show really took off.


It is great to find your blog! I look forward to reading it often and always enjoy watching you on Postgame Live and the MLB Network. Keep up the good work. Go Phillies!


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