September 2007

Extra Innings: 09/28/07

Marz’s thoughts:   You don’t even have to be a fan of baseball…you can be a total football fan but you can not argue that this weekend is absolutely incredible for baseball. Not one team in the NL knows where they are going to finish, don’t know if they will even be in the playoffs, if they are going to be at home or on the road. I believe there is going to be at least one playoff game on Monday, possibly two. I am just totally looking forward to this weekend and can’t wait to get in on Monday to talk about it.
P.S. – My picks are the Phillies in the East, Cubs in the Central, Arizona in the West and San Diego is the Wild Card

Cuch’s thoughts: The only good news the Mets have right now is that Moises Alou is in the midst of a 30 game hitting streak. When healthy he is a legit offensive power bat. Someone needs to step up and take over for this team this weekend but they face the Marlins coming off a sweep at home versus the Cubs. Florida is playing for pride and much like KC did to Detroit last year, the Marlins end the Mets run in the division this year – the only difference is the Mets are out all together.
P.S. – My picks are Philly in the East, Chicago in the Central, Colorado in the West and Mets, Padres and D-Backs will all be apart of a 3 team tie for the Wild Card.

Mike in Cherry Hill, NJ thoughts
Here’s a scenario for Monday night when there’s a "play-in" game at Citizens Bank Park:
Bottom of the 9th, Phils are down a run 6-5, bases loaded, 2 out, Billy Wagner trying to nail down the NL east title. And who is coming to the plate???? You got it:
James Calvin "Jimmy" Rollins, the player that has now displaced Chipper Jones as the number one target for all Met fans. The count runs full, all the runners are off with the pitch and here’s the pitch… there’s a line drive past the diving Jose Reyes and out into the left field, the tying run scores, here comes the winning run, Michael Bourn,flying around 3rd, Moises Alou comes up throwing, here’s the play at the plate and Bourn slides in SAFELY just under the tag of Paul Loduca. The towels are waving and flying all over place, the Phils clinch the the title and the members of the Baseball Writers Association come out and personally hand Rollins the MVP. Now, that’s POETIC JUSTICE.

Extra Innings: 09/27/07

Marz’s thoughts:  You know, I am really tired of Vinny getting everything he wants on the show. Whatever I ask for – NOTHING. If he wants it, Chris is at his beckon call. This is bad for the business and I am coming up with something "MUCH funnier" tomorrow and then we can judge!
P.S. – Chris the Producer stinks! BOOO! – Cuch and Marz produce everything!

Cuch’s thoughts:  What a class act Jamie Moyer was in responding to Johns umpire question. I think the exact same way. The umpires mess up occassionally but when you look at just how many bang bang plays there are…and then you watch the replay – nearly everytime, they get the call right. I am more impressed that they do it in real time.
P.S. – Not NL spots will be clinched tonight either meaning that ALL 4 spots are still up for grabs when we do the show tomorrow and there will be only 3 games left! AMAZING

Extra Innings: 09/26/07

Marz’s thoughts:  It is the final week and it is going to go to Sunday. Every team in the NL left alive has a shot at the playoffs. That is why fans should just be interested in watching and cheering for their team. Do not think "GLASS HALF EMPTY". Enjoy the ride!
P.S. – Thank God Chris is back tomorrow!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Thanks to Fredi Gonzalez for joining us. The Marlins had a tough year based on injuries and the ineffectiveness at times for Dontrelle Willis however, they have a bright future. If they can keep their infield intact, they have one of the most lethal. The man with the highest potential is Hanley Ramirez. He would be an MVP candidate if they were more in the headlines and fighting for a postseason spot. Miguel Cabrera is still on the upswing and Dan Uggla although he strikesout a bunch is legit. The bullpen is developing and when the starters are healthy (Josh Johnson in particular) the Marlins are looking up.
P.S. – You ever start rooting against a team not because of the team but because of one person who roots for them that won’t shut up? Just wondering!

Extra Innings: 09/25/07

Marz’s thoughts:  WOW – Am I looking forward to this week…To steal a line from Major League Baseball…"I live for this"  –  I can’t wait until 7:00 tonight and 10 eastern time to watch as every NL team battles for 4 spots! Six games left and not one of them has been settled! That is incredible.
P.S. – There is NO DOUBT that I am the sexiest fan alive! EJ STINKS!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Though Jason Lane is a good addition, the San Diego Padres take a major hit in their postseason hopes. Mike Cameron gets hurt on the field so that is understandable but for Milton Bradley to tear his ACL while arguing with an umpire is so bizarre. The Padres have arguably the best pitching of the potential postseason teams but the offense needs all the help it can get. San Diego went from my NL favorite had they gotten in to on thin ice to even make it.
P.S. – Milwaukee remains on thin ice for the pool – they need another win and a Cubs loss! Anything else and we begin to evaluate tomorrow. I hope they stick around to make the Padres – Brewers matchup fun this weekend.

Extra Innings: 09/24/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Wow – How about these Colorado Rockies. The H-Bombs got the job done. Everytime you count this team out and think they have no shot at the playoffs….THEY PULL US BACK IN! I do not think many people are taking this team serious yet, but they have great players, a very good manager and are playing right now like a playoff team. If they were to make the postseason, the team that has to face the Rockies better not take them lightly.
P.S. – Go Team Sweden!…uh…uh, I mean EAGLES

Cuch’s thoughts:  Those were the ugliest unis ever that the Eagles wore yesterday. Anyways, Philly has better things to talk about nowadays with the Phillies. Stop the football talk there…the Phils are playing great baseball and have charged back into the race. They sit just a half game back of the Wild Card and you would assume if they can take care of their job, San Diego is playing 4 against the Padres to close out the year and that will be much tougher for them.
P.S. – Tomorrow – we are going to learn who the sexiest fan alive is…stay tuned!

Extra Innings: 09/21/07

Marz’s thoughts:  For Milwaukee to win the division, they need a healthy Ben Sheets. They said there is a 50/50 chance that he may go his next start. The Brewers without Ben Sheets are not the same team. When you know your ace is going to throw, it gives your team so much more confidence. Hopefully, he is 100% healthy because I want to see both teams…the Cubs and the Brewers battle with their best.
P.S. – Happy 18th Birthday to my baby Dominique!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Sammy Sosa said if he returns for another season that the Rangers will be his first choice. It will be more like whomever wants him will be his first choice…however he has shown that he can have value. This race down the stretch is incredible…there is no question that the playoffs have already begun! The Rockies need all three of these games and their toughest one will be tonight. If the Rockies can break through to Peavy in San Diego in game 1, then i like their chances on Saturday and Sunday.
P.S. – Happy Birthday to John’s daughter as well…Do you remember? The 21st night of September!

Extra Innings: 09/20/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Eric Gagne was the jewel at the trading deadline. He was going to be the difference maker for the Red Sox so that they can win the World Series this year. The Yankees on the other hand went with their young studs. Clay Buchholz throws a no-hitter and the Red Sox put him in the bullpen. These are two mistakes that have hurt the Red Sox and helped the Yankees.
P.S. – At first I thought I had the largest fall from grace, but then i realized i was never really all that high! HAHA

Cuch’s thoughts:  Seth Everett brought up a great point on the show today. How ridiculous is the memorabilia collecting business nowadays? Idiots are buying these "apparently high valued" baseballs and what not and doing it solely for promotion. What has this business become? The best collectibles are the personal ones…the one with you and someone in a picture or something that has more meaning!
P.S. – Rockies FANS are on alert…win today and big three game series this weekend with the Padres – MUST WINS!

Extra Innings: 09/19/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Brendan Ryan swings at a 3-0 pitch in the 1st inning against Cole Hamels. Hamels is coming back from injury and you want to make him throw pitches. It is a bad mistake from a young player. Tony LaRussa should have reprimanded him and let him know never to do it again. Instead, he takes him out of the game and tries to make an example out of him. I can tell from the video that the kid missed a sign. What would have happened if it were Albert Pujols or Jim Edmonds? Would LaRussa’s reaction have been the same?
P.S. – Arrgghh…With it be here National Talk Like a Pirate Day, here hopes that the Pirates of Pittsburgh walk off with the booty and send the Padres off ye sea!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Yes, the New York Mets are in trouble but why? Is it because no one is stepping up for them in the clubhouse? Is it because of Willie Randolph? Is it because the Nationals are on fire? How about the Mets just aren’t as good as we all think? They are what they are…a team that is leading the Phillies in the east by a game and half. They do not have the horses on the staff and the bullpen is very shaky. One would think in the poor NL that the Mets will still make the playoffs, but limping in?
P.S. – Colorado and LA – Don’t lose today or tomorrow ye be walking the plank! The winner gets one extra day!

Extra Innings: 09/18/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Well, my Eagles **** and I took my lumps today like a man. It is now baseball 24-7. I have given up on the Eagles. How could you not be excited about the pennant races this year and the wildcard?
P.S. – Can’t wait until this rash goes away – I am NOT using that baseball urn now!

Cuch’s thoughts: Based on the schedules the rest of the way…Philly has the edge over the Mets…Chicago has the edge over Milwaukee and San Diego is slightly better than Milwaukee. That series at the end of the year where the Padres visit the Brewers for 4 can be the big series of the YEAR!
P.S. – The Dodgers visit the Rockies for 3 this week, the team who losses the series will be entered into the Leading Off elimination pool

Extra Innings: 09/17/07

Marz’s thoughts:  This past weekend, there were some big series we had to look forward to. Coming into this week, there is really only one major series and that is Detroit in Cleveland. Teams like the Yankees, Phillies and Mets need to go out and keep pace and play with the same intensity as they did this weekend. Detroit is on a roll and playing like the team that made it to the World Series last year. I look for them to sweep Cleveland at Jacobs Field.
P.S. – I am gonna gather all of my cards and sell them at $0.15 cents apiece. Now I can buy new socks for the show!

Cuch’s thoughts:  It is about time the Cardinals fell off. I was stupified that they won it all last year and remain that way today. Their pitching staff was made worse this year than in 06 and they are now 7 games below .500 and 7 games out of the NL Central lead and that is all in the worst division in baseball if you go by overall record. This gives Milwaukee or Chicago a chance to be this years version of St. Louis and there are many more likable guys on those teams that fans will be able to pull for!
P.S. – Thanks for the email from Jimmy – now we know all about "Kerry Team" in Ireland and I found out they won on Sunday and now have 35 championships. I just don’t know where that measures up with the Yankees. That is my next problem