Extra Innings: 09/27/07

Marz’s thoughts:  You know, I am really tired of Vinny getting everything he wants on the show. Whatever I ask for – NOTHING. If he wants it, Chris is at his beckon call. This is bad for the business and I am coming up with something "MUCH funnier" tomorrow and then we can judge!
P.S. – Chris the Producer stinks! BOOO! – Cuch and Marz produce everything!

Cuch’s thoughts:  What a class act Jamie Moyer was in responding to Johns umpire question. I think the exact same way. The umpires mess up occassionally but when you look at just how many bang bang plays there are…and then you watch the replay – nearly everytime, they get the call right. I am more impressed that they do it in real time.
P.S. – Not NL spots will be clinched tonight either meaning that ALL 4 spots are still up for grabs when we do the show tomorrow and there will be only 3 games left! AMAZING

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The Jamie Moyer interview was great. he seems like a real class act and is one of the few athlete’s who believes he is a role model. It was definately refreshing. There are too many stars these days who are getting in trouble and running thier mouth.

Moyer seems like he’d be a great pitching coach, and he has to have some influence on guys like Kendrick and Hamels.


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