Extra Innings: 04/12/07

Marz’s thoughtsEncarnacion lifted in Reds game vs. Arizona  I played under Jerry Narron while he was a coach in Texas and he is one of the most old school and knowledgable coaches in the game. I applaud his decision to remove Edwin Encarnacion from Wednesday nights game for his lack of hustle. It was a mistake that can be corrected but the move shows Edwin and the other players that they need to respect the Manager and the game!
P.S. – I was surprised not to see Schilling as Daisuke’s translator during his press conference since he knows so much Japanese.

Cuch’s thoughts:  I will stick with the Reds theme and remind you to head on over to the Reds Hall of Fame this Saturday when the club celebrates Pete Rose’s birthday. Now is your chance to sign an oversized card for Pete and take a tour of Great American Ballpark.
P.S. – My second favorite sport is Hockey and hats off to the Canucks and Stars who played until 3am ET and nearly into the 5th OT to decide a game one winner. I will root for my Rangers, but i am on record as saying the Canucks will win the Cup this year. Good pitching wins and so does good goaltending!

Great comments yesterday – KEEP ‘EM coming!


Schilling can speak Japanese? That would be cool to know that as a second language.

Go Avs!


Narron was right on the ball with the benching, a great attitude can do a lot to help a team be successful when it otherwise may fail at its talent level. I also really dig the new unis the Reds have this year, a real step up.

I also agree with the benching of Encarnacion. If you aren’t going to put everything you have into each game, then by all means take a seat on the bench.

Canucks always have a shot with Luongo in net. I have a feeling it is the Sharks’ year though. Pretty sure Buffalo will come out of the East but the Rangers may make some noise as well!

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