Extra Innings: 04/18/07

Great comments with the re-debut of Under the Bus Tuesdays! Keep em coming and tune in next Tuesday for more! Meanwhile, check out The Drunken Tacoman on the M’s. We scour the blogs all the time to hear your voice and as we find ones we like, we will add it to our roster!

Marz’s thoughts:  The Cubs and the White Sox are two teams with high expectations and good offenses. However, they are not scoring any runs and each have managers that are fiery. Both are not afraid to get on the teams on the field and in the media. If the Cubs in particular do not pick it up, expect Lou to give a trademark blowup! The players won’t like it, but the fans will love it.

P.S. – Seth was great with the MLB.TV game of the day, but your open was horrible! Next time you do something that bad, we are putting flowers on the desk with you.

Cuch’s thoughts: Hearing the news that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have doubled their ratings from last season is great. This is an exciting team and they have great youth that is ready to play everyday. In addition, a nice read will be the weekly diary from 3B Akinori Iwamura…check it out HERE!!!

P.S. – Great job in the Nationals front office to wear the Virginia Tech hats during last nights game.

Keep the comments coming!
Vinny & John


John, I agree with you totally on Piniella. Right now an active volcano is rumbling inside him and it is only a matter of time until he will burst. How many games do you think the Cubs will lose this year?

Cuch, I love the Devil Rays. They are so exciting whenever they play with all the great young guys like Young, Dukes, and Upton. I know they are still rebuilding a little but I hope in a year or so they can make a serious run at the AL East.

John- I’m waiting for Pinella to blow up. He expects this team to go from worst to first, and if the team keeps breaking down fundamentally, their bullpen can’t hold a lead, and their “ace” is too busy walking batters, they’re gonna pull a repeat of 2006. I’m waiting for Pinella to pull a Leyland, before the real explosion happens…

Cush- Tampa’s got a real exciting young offense. Once their pitching catches up, this team will turn some heads. Unfortunately I feel like I’ve said the same thing for the past 3 years. They clearly have an excess of offensive prospects. Deal some for some pitching!

Great show guys!

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