Extra Innings: 05/14/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Lilly, Marquis & Hill have all been great for the Chicago Cubs so far. The Cubs are 5th in the National League in ERA. Once Carlos Zambrano gets his act together, the race in the NL Central will be much tighter. The inconsistent offense which is missing one key ingredient, needs a solid leadoff hitter who can get on base and jump start their offense. The Cubs have the ability to hit the longball but they can’t sustain long innings and it has cost them some wins this year.
P.S. – I know producer Chris Caron loves to line dance and he was trying to teach "the Macarena" after the show but i refused to listen!

Cuch’s thoughts:  When will we see a well executed run-down? After the botched one by the Yankees against the Mariners last week, the Giants pulled the same thing against the Rockies. After Jamey Carroll slapped a single into CF and scored a run, Carroll was caught inbetween 1st and 2nd. Ray Durham made the mistake of running Carroll to the next base instead of back towards first and then turned it into a foot race to the bag which he lost. The Rockies made it 6-2 and won the game. Fundamentals can cost a team a win!
P.S. – Wouldn’t it be weird to see Brett Favre in any uniform other than a Packer jersey? What’s that? He was in Atlanta? Oh —  well, then wouldn’t it be odd to see him in a third uniform!?!?

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When can we expect to see the Leading Off podcast?

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