Extra Innings: 05/23/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Johan Santana looks like he is back. His changeup was devastating and his command was back on track. I think Santana is proving once again that he is the best pitcher in baseball and the Twins need him win the division. If they had Liriano, you probably have them as your AL Central winner anyways!
P.S. – Don’t worry, i am practicing the video game so that I can beat Casey to a pulp! A big win is coming on June 23rd.

Cuch’s thoughts:  Roger Clemens makes yet another start tonight, this time for Trenton. Sure he will bring a ton of energy and wins to the Bronx BUT is it too late? Certainly not for the playoffs – since the Wild Card exists but the division becomes more of a problem. The reason is not just because NY is struggling but also because Boston has been too strong.
P.S. – Check out our LIVE and FREE coverage of the Rockets start tonight. I will handle the play-by-play along with Billy Sample. Coverage begins with the pre-game at 6 ET and the game starts at 7 ET on the Baseball Channel.

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Good job last night Vinny with doing the play by play with Billy Sample.

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