Extra Innings: 06/05/07

Marz’s thoughts:  The Orioles went out this off-season and bolstered their bullpen. It was supposed to be a strength of their ballclub yet it has let them and their manager down tremendously. There are 10 losses at the backend of the bullpen and that is not going to help a team win. However, it is up to the skipper to understand when guys aren’t performing well. Sam Perlozzo caused the Orioles to lose a minimum of 4 games this year by taking the starter out and that may cost him his job this season.
P.S. – Since I am here in NY, according to Jim Leyritz, I might as well get my playoff tickets for the Yankees!

Cuch’s thoughts:  On a non-baseball note, Billy Donovan is ridiculous! I thought he should have stayed in Florida the whole time. When he turned down the Kentucky job, i figured – fine, he wants to create his legacy in Florida and build there forever and not try the NBA. I am not arguing that he can’t have his heart in Florida, but do not play with the Magic and sign a lucrative contract, fake your way through the media conferences and return a day later. What a joke! Now, i am against him and i am glad the Gators lost all of their starters. Here is hoping the Gators go 5-26 next season!
P.S. – Jake Peavy won the NL Pitcher of the Month for May. His numbers in the month were 4-0 with a 0.79 era, 3 ER in 34 IP. Plus he struck out 39. If he doesn’t win the Cy Young…I will eat my hat!


The Orioles bullpen is a bit of a concern, but is still good. I think part of the problem is how often they’ve been used. Chad Bradford leads the league in appearances, and the Orioles have 4 reliever in the 10 in AL Appearences.

Sam Perlozzo does tend to pull his pitchers relatively quick, which doesn’t help matters, but in cases like Sunday, sure Jeremy Guthrie was throwing a gem, but how acn you flaw Perlozzo for bringing in his closer with a 1 run lead?

PS- Thanks for the help with Citzen’s Bank Park, John… You say Vinny’s the big shot, you need to get out of the Comcast Box, and enjoy the stadium with the common people!


‘Marz’, I think you have more chance seeing WS in your Philladelphia than opposed to the yankee side of New York… and I think that says more about them Yanks than about your Phills, hehe…

‘Cuch’, thanks for the Peavy support since day one of this season! (as I’m a Padres fan I like the bit of attention)

I hope he will keep putting up these numbers the rest of the season.

Thanks again for mentioning my e-mail on air!


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