Extra Innings: 06/08/07

Marz’s thoughts:  I can’t wait to see how some of these kids drafted pan out. So many names are involved and so much hard work is put in by the players, scouts and more that when you see it all come together…it is very satisfying. In about 3 years time, we will have a great idea of what these players are capable of.
P.S. – I really wanted to whack our execs at the show for having me do another hour of the show and for showing me wearing "shorty shorts".

Cuch’s thoughts:  All of us have our teams and players that we root for and working for Major League Baseball has developed that even more. I have always rooted for the good guys. David Wright, Michael Cuddyer, Mike Gonzalez and Nick Swisher are just a handful of the guys that fall into that category. Now, I rarely talk about my allegiances because it NEVER effects how i cover the game but it will effect who i privately root for. Everyone covering the game has these rooting interests. That is why they got into the game to begin with. I say all of this because YES, i was rooting against Curt Schilling to get a no-hitter in Oakland. If you read between the lines there are several reasons as to why. How I break down the game on the show is one thing…what i root for during the game is another!
P.S. – We had a great time with the 3 hour show today. John and I are both still available and have yet to be drafted so all the scouts know.

TUNE in on Monday for reaction to Homer Bailey, Roger Clemens & The Sopranos finale!


  1. J

    Hey Guys,

    The 3 hours was right on.

    Marz, in 1984 you reminded me of Damone from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

    Great weekend overall. Bailey tonight, Clemens tomorrow, and Sopranos Sunday (the wife’s event making Lasagna for the event). Tony shouldn’t trust Paulie.


  2. vinny.micucci@mlb.com

    you are right – great weekend lined up for baseball and whacking people! I think they are misleading us with Paulie. In fact, i think Paulie is done!

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