Extra Innings: 06/18/07

Marz’s thoughts:  As of this moment…reports suggest that Sam Perlozzo is out as Orioles Manager. This team has lost 8 games in a row but as far as I am concerned, Sam Perlozzo lost more than games. He lost his team. It looked as though this team was just going through the motions and that is a tell tale sign that a manager has lost control. Someone asked me if I were going to start an organization, who would i choose as my skipper? I would chose Joe Girardi. If the Orioles make this choice, i think it is a good one!
P.S. – Now that it is a level playing field with our video game matchup this Saturday…Pete from Garden City can stick it!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Why does the USGA feel it needs to make an incredibly difficult course to be extra cool in the US Open. I am not anymore impressed because you have a course that has a winner at +5. The course is a par 70. If you make the 288 yard par 3 a par 4 or you adjust it at the right spots and it is now legit. This is just designed to be extra cool and have pros struggle.
P.S. – THIS saturday be there! Mickey Mantles restaurant…4 ET…Casey vs. Marzano – more to come!

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