Extra Innings: 08/29/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Why is nobody talking about Jimmy Rollins for MVP? Alright, i get it, i talk Philly here but think about it…he hits for power, plays a great shortstop and sets the table for Utley and Howard. He is a team leader and was vocal in spring training (which is what a team needs). We always hear Reyes and power hitters when talking MVP but why not J-Roll?
P.S. – I am the Beast of the East – see you tomorrow on the show from Marzy Bank Park – i mean..Citizens Bank Park

Cuch’s thoughts:  As Rex Hudler now says….
From the nose to the toes, thats how Vladi goes
From the East to the West, Vladi is still the best
P.S. – Tune in tomorrow as we do the show from Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia!

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About time someone give J-Roll some MVP love. He’s overlooked, being in a division that has Reyes and Ramirez at SS.

J-Roll gives 100% day in and day out, and helps lead a surging Phillies team…


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