Extra Innings: 08/01/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Even though the trade deadline is over, teams are still going to look for the Mets to add a pitcher besides Pedro…the Halos to get a bat, possibly Piazza… and Seattle will add another pitcher. It is much easier to get players through waivers now then it was a few years ago. Also, there are alot of star players on the disabled list that will be coming back in August and September and that will make the difference between who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t.
P.S. – All that talk about luck and lottery means I might have to gamble today. I think i will play my batting average (.241) – my birthday is 2/14 – i am playing this number!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Quiet move of the day was sending Rickie Weeks down to Triple-A. His year so far features a .212 average, 5 homers and just 19 RBIs in 75 games. He is replaced by a career minor leaguer in Joe Dillon who is raking. It is hard to imagine that it is still his thumb injury from last year that is effecting him, but he has yet to be the same since then.
P.S. – I have been the fan taking pictures of the action from the upper deck and it is just brutal. Every shot looks the same and you might miss the actual shot yourself!

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Great show guys…

Marz- If the Phillies can hang on for a few weeks, it’ll be interesting to see what they can do. While Utley is missed (though its great to see him in the dugout with his glove), losing Victorino and Bourn is huge

Weeks has struggled all season. Hopefully a little time at AAA and he can bounce back.


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