Extra Innings: 08/16/07

Marz’s thoughts:  We have the Michael Vick situation in football…we have the Tim Donaghy situation in basketball…we have the gambling ring in hockey and now we have the Jose Offerman situation where he attacks the catcher and pitcher with a bat. When is it going to stop in the world of sports? Is our society getting to a point where self gratification is worth more than anything else? Whatever happened to sportsmanship?
P.S. – Man i wish the Phillies would have gotten Joel Piniero…then we could be printing out playoff tickets! haha

Cuch’s thoughts:  The Cardinals are tied for 4th in the NL in hitting this year with a .273 average. The pitching though is quite the opposite with only Houston, Pittsburgh, Florida and Cincinnati owning worse ERA’s this year. The true running fast team could be in Toronto where the Jays own the best ERA by FAR over the last month at just 2.83. If there is a team that is set to make a run, it is Toronto!
P.S. – Bonds hit HR #759 last night. Can he reach 800 himself if he comes back next year? Nah – still too far away, but a final number of 785 is not out of the question!


The Offerman situation is inexcusable. Sure, tempers flair during a game, but the bat is NEVER to be used as a weapon. My prayers are with the victims. From what I’ve heard the catcher is in bad shape.

Somewhere along the line, sports in general forgot about sportsmanship and what it means to be a professional. The excuse “it’s a different era”, is complete ****. Style of play might change with time, but the professionalism of the ballplayer shouldn’t.


Marz- Piniero? Who needs Piniero, we have JD “The Real Deal” Durbin… I laughed myself to tears when I read that he nicknamed himself “The Real Deal”, when he was a Twins propsect. What a clown.

Hopefully he’ll turn a in a “Real Deal” perfomance tonight against the Nats. Tonight’s a must win game. It’s not about winning every game, but every series.


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