Extra Innings: 09/04/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Juan Encarnacion was hit in the eye on deck. It is a sad to see it and a rough place to be. He was on deck waiting to hit and his career could be over. Baseball has been played for so long and I have never seen that before. Now they are talking about putting something up by the on-deck circle to protect batters. They tell fans to be aware of batted or thrown balls and it should be the same for players. They must be aware. Encarnacion was looking down when the ball was hit to him and I hope and pray he is well.
P.S. – If the Phils and Mets continue to play the way they have been, it could be over soon!

Cuch’s thoughtsVinny and John,
To clarify a few things I said earlier. I wouldn’t have booed Zambrano myself (my wife won’t let me). But I understand why the fans did boo him (they have every right to). I want to support him and do hope he does well. I like rooting for players individual success, but the the teams success is the most important. It’s not the money he makes. We know what Zambrano can do and know he let his emotions get the best of him in that game. In our disappointment the fans showed their emotions outwardly. That’s why, of all the players, Zambrano shouldn’t have thrown his fans under the bus for booing him. Thanks for the discussion.
~beau from florida
p.s. Chris is nicer than you making out to be.
PPS – In response to Beau, he is on, i like it – but as for Chris – YEAH, ok, you are right…he is not that mean! As Johnny Marz would say – WE KID WITH HIM!

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