Extra Innings: 09/12/07

Marz’s thoughts:  With all the negativity surrounding sports today, it was so nice to have Jeff Suppan on our show. He is a player that exemplifies the way athletes should be today….humble, generous and respectful. I have become a fan of players that show these qualities and add Jeff Suppan to that list!
P.S. – I am gonna pick my game of the day for tomorrow…I am going with Philly – Colorado AGAIN. This is a pre-emptive strike…i gotta be right!

Cuch’s thoughts:  So i guess we will officially eliminate the Mariners tomorrow – for some reason…we don’t shut up and teams get to last another day. Don’t be fooled, the M’s (although fun) are toast. Next on the list…St. Louis needs to get a win to avoid being discussed. The Rockies – Phillies loser over the next two days and the Dodgers are all on alert!
P.S. – We apologize for mis-reporting the issue…Ozzie Guillen has actually been promoted to owner of the team. They felt the extension to 2012 was not enough!

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