Extra Innings: 09/17/07

Marz’s thoughts:  This past weekend, there were some big series we had to look forward to. Coming into this week, there is really only one major series and that is Detroit in Cleveland. Teams like the Yankees, Phillies and Mets need to go out and keep pace and play with the same intensity as they did this weekend. Detroit is on a roll and playing like the team that made it to the World Series last year. I look for them to sweep Cleveland at Jacobs Field.
P.S. – I am gonna gather all of my cards and sell them at $0.15 cents apiece. Now I can buy new socks for the show!

Cuch’s thoughts:  It is about time the Cardinals fell off. I was stupified that they won it all last year and remain that way today. Their pitching staff was made worse this year than in 06 and they are now 7 games below .500 and 7 games out of the NL Central lead and that is all in the worst division in baseball if you go by overall record. This gives Milwaukee or Chicago a chance to be this years version of St. Louis and there are many more likable guys on those teams that fans will be able to pull for!
P.S. – Thanks for the email from Jimmy – now we know all about "Kerry Team" in Ireland and I found out they won on Sunday and now have 35 championships. I just don’t know where that measures up with the Yankees. That is my next problem

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