Extra Innings: 09/19/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Brendan Ryan swings at a 3-0 pitch in the 1st inning against Cole Hamels. Hamels is coming back from injury and you want to make him throw pitches. It is a bad mistake from a young player. Tony LaRussa should have reprimanded him and let him know never to do it again. Instead, he takes him out of the game and tries to make an example out of him. I can tell from the video that the kid missed a sign. What would have happened if it were Albert Pujols or Jim Edmonds? Would LaRussa’s reaction have been the same?
P.S. – Arrgghh…With it be here National Talk Like a Pirate Day, here hopes that the Pirates of Pittsburgh walk off with the booty and send the Padres off ye sea!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Yes, the New York Mets are in trouble but why? Is it because no one is stepping up for them in the clubhouse? Is it because of Willie Randolph? Is it because the Nationals are on fire? How about the Mets just aren’t as good as we all think? They are what they are…a team that is leading the Phillies in the east by a game and half. They do not have the horses on the staff and the bullpen is very shaky. One would think in the poor NL that the Mets will still make the playoffs, but limping in?
P.S. – Colorado and LA – Don’t lose today or tomorrow ye be walking the plank! The winner gets one extra day!

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I’d hope LaRussa’s reaction would be the same, but odds are it wouldn’t be. Maybe Willie Randolph saw the video of that and next time Jose Reyes decides to be a maverick and steal third with your best player up, you’ll get some pine time… That dudes smile drives me nuts. I couldn’t imagine being a teammate and dealing with his smile during a five game losing streak…


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