Extra Innings: 09/26/07

Marz’s thoughts:  It is the final week and it is going to go to Sunday. Every team in the NL left alive has a shot at the playoffs. That is why fans should just be interested in watching and cheering for their team. Do not think "GLASS HALF EMPTY". Enjoy the ride!
P.S. – Thank God Chris is back tomorrow!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Thanks to Fredi Gonzalez for joining us. The Marlins had a tough year based on injuries and the ineffectiveness at times for Dontrelle Willis however, they have a bright future. If they can keep their infield intact, they have one of the most lethal. The man with the highest potential is Hanley Ramirez. He would be an MVP candidate if they were more in the headlines and fighting for a postseason spot. Miguel Cabrera is still on the upswing and Dan Uggla although he strikesout a bunch is legit. The bullpen is developing and when the starters are healthy (Josh Johnson in particular) the Marlins are looking up.
P.S. – You ever start rooting against a team not because of the team but because of one person who roots for them that won’t shut up? Just wondering!

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