Extra Innings: 04/10/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Chris Carpenter is on the shelf until at least April the 17th. However, don’t worry in St. Louis as the Cardinals always find a way to win. Looper looked great, Wainwright pitched well and with Dave Duncan and Tony LaRussa on the bench, the Redbirds are in good hands! This team won 83 games last year and still won the World Series. Don’t count em out!
PS – I am wearing my paper bag on my head for the ride home! Phillies stink!

Cuch’s thoughts:  I can’t believe he wore a bag on his head to start the show. It is only week one and the city of Philadelphia is in a state of emergency! With the shift on, Carlos Delgado laid down a bunt for a single. Sure, he may be a power hitter and you might think the defense wins by having him not swing the bat, but if he can consistently lay that bunt down, the defense will be forced to move and it will open things up for him in later at-bats!
PS – Marzano is still a BUM and it is all about the Blue Jays – sorry to Maple Leafs fans but the Rangers are winning the Stanley Cup anyways!

Check out tomorrow’s show – 10am to Noon eastern time! Brian McRae will be jumping on board and don’t forget – a big segment is coming your way in one of the upcoming shows!

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A message from Scotland. Well John the Phils do stink. Rollins shouldnt have trash talked so its Karma coming around and biting him right on the butt. PLus all phillies teams stink the flyers having the worst record in the NHL this season (haha) and dont get me started on the Eagles. I agree with you Cuch RANGERS FOR THE STANLEY CUP.

Baseball Nut!

Jan in Glasgow.

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