Extra Innings: 04/11/07

Marz’s thoughts: Sure, all the hype in Boston today will surround Matsuzaka and Felix, but i say keep a keen eye on the potential rumble between the two teams. There is still bad blood between the two. Jose Guillen is a hot tempered guy and do you think Sox players like Ortiz and Ramirez might be thinking about the 97 mph fastball that King Felix throws?
P.S. – I may not have had alot of hits but i was in 3 fights and i had 3 TKO’s!

Cuch’s thoughts: Buy your tickets now for Frank Thomas pillow night on September the 2nd at Rogers Centre. What a joke it was to see how people can’t lighten up and see the commercial for what it is. It is a pillow fight, the kids are having fun, Frank Thomas is a large guy and he is smiling the whole time. Stop nitpicking what is going on out there and laugh once in a while. It makes the day alot easier.
P.S. – Marzano thinks he can beat me in a basketball game? That guy is kidding himself. I have a lethal outside shot and he is like what – 73 years old?

John_shades_2 Check out this pic of John Marzano in his authentic Cleveland Indians Rick Vaughn promotional glasses. Visit the Jake on April the 25th to get your own pair! Does John look like Charlie Sheen or does he look more like….

A) Vince Lombardi
B) Peter Parker
C) Clark Kent


Hey guys,

I like bad blood in baseball. I miss the days of pitchers not being afraid to throw inside and when you hit a HR, you didn’t show up the pitcher by watching it leave the yard, or you were getting plunked next at bat.

I can’t see anything happening today though. Dice-K is out there to make his Fenway debut and traditionally the Japanese don’t get caught up in that sort of hoopla. They go out and do their job. King Felix… Who knows…

Frank Thomas should do childrens parties upon his retirement…

Will it ever end? Dice-K this…Dice-K that…OK, I get it, he can pitch, and he is from another country…I am tired of hearing about him. And what happens when he gets shelled for the first time?

What is the big deal about Thomas’ commercial? It’s just a commercial, it’s not like he really beat up some kid.


Thanks, on behalf of all Brewers fans and Wisconsinites for the kind words to kick off the show. It’s hard to watch at work with policies in place to prevent streaming audio and video, but I’ll do my best to catch you guys a few times a week after work.

A) Lombardi… but that answer is biased.



Dice-K will not end. Let’s face it, the media is absolutely obsessed with him right now. He will be talked about the entire year whether he does great, ok, or terrible.

As for John I’d say A) Lombardi.

Dice K this Dice K that i am sick of it all.

John and your glasses make you look like a dork. sorry. Lombardi.

Hi guys, Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to Petco Park. It is beautiful and we are certainly very proud of the stadium and our team.

Don’t discount the Padres, we’ll be a 3-peat this season!


I for one have never confused Frank Thomas for noted child-endangerer Carl Everett.

If the Rays had Carl in that commercial, THEN I’d be concerned.

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