Extra Innings: 04/20/07

Marz’s thoughts:  There is more than just the Yanks and Sox this weekend. I am excited to see many different series’ play out starting tonight. The Mets are home against Atlanta and Tim Hudson looks like he is back to his old form. The Cubs host the Cardinals and that is one intense rivalry as well. Plus, don’t fall short on the A’s and Rangers and White Sox and Tigers. Enjoy the weekend games…I know i will.
P.S. – Happy Birthday to my mother…she turns 80 this weekend and to all lefty throwing kids – – LEARN THE CHANGEUP!

Cuch’s thoughts:  The World Baseball Classic committee announced that they have approved 8 teams with 8 more to come for the 2009 tourney. The teams accepted are the obvious ones and irrelevant for this point. The fact that the tourney is back on someones mind is nice. I thought the first run through was great but filled with errors that hurt players going into, during and after the games. I think the 2nd time around, we will get a much better idea of what teams bring to the world stage!
P.S. – Of course, baseball is my favorite sport but i love ALL sports and i am kind of dissapointed that i have very little interest in this years NBA playoffs. Who is with me? The first round is predictable and the final four will be the same again!

Chris the Producers thought’s:  Don’t forget it was ME who said Alex Rodriguez will finish with 75 homers and 175 RBIs this year! The Year of A-Rod! I have spoken….


John- This is an exciting weekend. Yanks/Sox, Mets/Braves, Cubs/cards, Astros/Brewers. Unfortunately the weather is finally nice here in NYC. I know the wife will want to bring the dog to the dog park this weekend, I might have to sit this one outand enjoy the spring weather from my couch. Happy BDay Momma Marz!

Vinny- I really enjoyed the WBC last year and I only think they’ll improve upon it, though I’m not big on it’s timing. I think it did effect some of the players in the regular season (especially the pitchers). I think if it started a little earlier, it might be more beneficial to Major League Baseball. On the NBA playoffs. Without the Knicks, it’s not the same…

Chris- Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a big ARod fan, but I’ve always referred to it as “The Curse of the ARod” because teams he’s on never seem to win the big game and seem to get better when his bags are packed.



John – I personally am getting ready to hunker down and boo the heck out of “El Caballo” (Carlos Lee) as he returns to face the team he spurned last season. It will be interesting to see what kind of reception he gets.

Vinny – What is this NBA you speak of?

Chris – If A-Rod does hit 75, speculation of steroids will begin. Fortunately, I think the only ‘roids he may have ever encountered are of the hem’ variety (and hopefully not those either!). He is a great, great player… Yankee fans better finally shut up and realize they may have the best ever playing in the Bronx (they could shut up for other reasons too, but we’ll start with him!).



Vinny, thanks for the comments! I am on for the cheesesteak… It will sure be a great dinner this fall with the two of you.

I am so glad to see Venezuela’s got their invite to the 2009 WBC. I just hope we don’t end up doing the same mediocre performance we had last year.

I can understand Steve. I mean, Carlos Beltran might be the most hated guy in Houston. Interesting games though.




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