Extra Innings: 04/23/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Mike Hargrove and Bill Bavasi are on the Hot Seat in Seattle. Mariners Chairman and CEO Howard Lincoln made it very clear in the off-season that the team would need to play better and if the team doesn’t start kicking it in gear, they are in trouble.
P.S. – I am writing a fictional book about Chris our producer… It’s a book about a skinny, physically fit guy who looks like Arnold Schwartzenegger. Like I said, it is fiction!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Is there anything more annoying for a Major Leaguer than to go out and strike out 12 players and have your bullpen give up the lead as the Devil Rays did for James Shields? Certainly, Shields would not throw his team Under the Bus, but it has to be a punch to the gut!
P.S. – Don’t forget – UNDER THE BUS Tuesday returns tomorrow on the show!! Get your comments in now for the show tomorrow….or email us baseballchannel@mlb.com

Chris the producers thought’s:  I am kinda hungry!

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