Extra Innings: 04/24/07

Marz’s thoughts:   It’s nice to go to the ballpark and see so many older players doing well. I was at Citizens Bank Park yesterday and witnessed Craig Biggio launch a leadoff homerun against the Phils. Tonight, head out to Chase Field and watch as Randy Johnson makes his return to the field once again with the Diamondbacks. As an added note, he will be opposed by David Wells. If you get a chance, head out to the park to see guys like this or names lik Glavine, Maddux and Smoltz, you will not be disappointed.
P.S. – Don’t give EJ the Engineer……….a contract! He keeps messing up my microphone and music!

Cuch’s thoughts:  I had my doubts, but quietly in this early season, John Maine has impressed. I first thought that his outings in the playoffs although in a pinch and effective weren’t all that impressive and would be exposed in 2007. Maine so far has shown life to his fastball and has kept hitters off-balance enough to get some wins.
P.S. – Johnny Marz better be practicing his video game at home because he better not lose to Casey Stern when the big battle happens on the Xbox! That would let down the family…

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Marz- I completely agree. Names like Maddux, Glavine, Johnson, are must sees, and they’re not going to be in the league too much longer. These guys are true first ballot Hall of Famers in the making. RJ is 20 wins shy of 300. He should be able to hit that next season. He’ll probably be the last 300 game winner baseball sees in a real long time. These guys are re-writing history every time they take the mound.

Cush- I remember when Maine was an Orioles prospect they thought he’d top out as a #3 or 4 starter. So far he really has impressed for the Mets and has come through. At least one of the New York teams has players stepping up to help pitching woes… Do you think Randolph would put Glavine in for some middle relief work?



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