Extra Innings: 04/26/07

Marz’s thoughts:  I can’t wait to see Phil Hughes pitch tonight for the Yankees. I spoke with Yankee coach Larry Bowa and he said he is a can’t miss pitcher. He thinks he can be a 15-18 game winner in this league and last a long time. There will be a lot of pressure on him, but i think he will thrive in it! Tune into our show tomorrow at 10 ET and we will break down his start.
P.S. – How does Macoooooch not get my Joe Morgan stance reference! That young whipper-snapper.

Cuch’s thoughts:  The under the radar move of the day comes out of Los Angeles of Anaheim where the Angels sent down Kendry Morales…put Juan Rivera on the DL and brought up BRANDON WOOD! This top prospect has been the ying to Howie Kendricks yang for some time now and the Halos future up the middle looks promising. He will wear #3 when he makes his eventual debut and i look forward to seeing him play.
P.S. – I think that Curt Schillings sock is not real at all. I think it is a ploy by the government. They stuck it in there on a day that they rose taxes to deflect our attention away. Come on – WHO CARES if the sock is fake, he didn’t cheat…but i will think conspiracy if you want me to.

Chris the producer’s thoughts:  Thanks to Ryan Freel for joining us today on the show and we are hoping that he doesn’t go streaking through our studios anytime soon!

Check back SHORTLY for a pic of host Petey McCarthy looking all WEIRD in his Rick Vaughn glasses and hat (courtesy of the Indians)

Tune in tomorrow at 10 am ET for tomorrows show and thanks to www.mlblogs.com for the attention today!!!

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I’m with you Marz. I can’t wait to get home tonight and watch Hughes’ debut. It’s been a long time since the Yankees have had a prospect with hype that is surrounding him. The stage it set, I hope he does well.

I look forward to seeing him tonight, and Homer Bailey (he looks like the read deal as well), later this season.



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