Extra Innings: 04/27/07

Everyones thoughts:  Vinny would like to thank the viewers for their birthday well wishes. John would like to thank the viewers for being able to put up with looking at his face for two hours.

We mentioned on the show that April the 27th has the most no-hitters thrown on it in Major League history. Below is the list…
1) 1944 – Jim Tobin – Boston vs. Brooklyn
2) 1968 – Tom Pheobus – Baltimore vs. Boston
3) 1973 – Steve Busby – Kansas City vs. Detroit
4) 1994 – Scott Erickson – Minnesota vs. Milwaukee
5) 2002 – Derek Lowe – Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay
6) 2003 – Kevin Millwood – Philadelphia vs. San Francisco

Because of this information, we on the show picked who will get a no-hitter today! If one of our guys does, cheesesteaks and pizza will be flowing through the studio on Monday! Below are our picks…

Marzano – Roy Oswalt
Cuch – Ian Snell
Chris the producer – Jake Westbrook
EJ the Engineer – Ramon Ortiz
Joy the Marlin – Anibal Sanchez

1 Comment

I’m with Chris the producer. It’s really all in the beard.

Check out my blog for the proof: http://thescripti.mlblogs.com/

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