Extra Innings: 05/02/07

Marz’s thoughts:  There were two great starts in yesterdays action and neither got the win for it. Well, one team got the win and that was in Los Angeles where Brad Penny pitched well. He has looked good all year and is one of the main reasons why LA is on top in the NL West.
Curt Schilling had one of his best starts of the year but a blown save by Jonathan Papelbon cost him the win. I hate to see older pitchers who you know aren’t going to have many more opportunities for wins in the Major Leagues lose out like that.
P.S. – Another reason the Dodgers are on top is Alyssa Milano is their biggest fan! Have you seen her blog?!?   Alyssa Milano’s blog!

Cuch’s thoughts:  17 hits and another win later and the best team in baseball is the Milwaukee Brewers. How about that? They have solid pitching. Jeff Suppan looks great. He just bought a house near the ballpark and the 1-2 punch of Turnbow and Cordero is looking sharp!
P.S. – Has everyone gotten their vote in for Cleveland’s Ultimate Wedding Giveaway yet? If not, pick a winner now and get that couple hitched at Home Plate!    Indians Wedding Giveaway!

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