Extra Innings: 05/03/07

Marz’s thoughts:  The Cardinals will head to Mississippi today to attend the funeral of Josh Hancock. This is a sad day for the team, the organization and the Hancock family. It will be Tony LaRussa’s job to get the focus of his team on track as best he can. This team was struggling the entire month as it is and turning the tide will be important.
P.S. – I am looking forward to a better month for the Cardinals organization.

Cuch’s thoughts:  I really enjoyed the Cubs broadcast on Comcast yesterday afternoon where Len Kasper and Bob Brenly were talking about the first major league win for Rocky Cherry. I particularly enjoyed the part where they talked about the teams rookie hazing which has him carrying around a pink strawberry shortcake bag!
P.S. – I can’t believe that EJ the Engineer has a THOUGHT!

EJ the Engineer’s thoughts:  How come John keeps getting on me! You know, the only reason we have all these former players on the show is because it is the only way they will talk to him anymore! Take that Marzano.



Thanks for the comments. I’m not worried about the Hughes injury. I’m sure he’ll make a complete recovery and be an impact arm in our rotation when he comes back. It was just terrible timing, especially with the latest news on Pavano. Not looking forward to Rasner/DeSalvo/Igawa making up the back of our rotation for the next month or so.


Today has to be a rough day for the Cardinals. Hopefully they can take this tragedy, and turn it into some inspiration to turn the team around.

Rocky Cherry sounds like a character from strawberry shortcake. He’s got one **** of a sinker though.


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