Extra Innings: 05/04/07

Here are a sample of some emails that came through in the final moments of the show…

1) Hey guys, John is right about this being the first time a #8 seed beat a #1 seed, in a 7 game set
Dustin South

2) You are both right. It was the first time a 8 seed beat a 1 in a 7 game series. Thanks, Chris

3) Hi Guys, If the Mavericks had not tanked a late regular season game against the Warriors and instead tanked the game against the Clippers they would have faced the Clippers in the first round and the Warriors would not even be in the playoffs.    Matthias in Austria

4) Hey cooch, Marzano is correct.  This is the first time a 8 has beat a 1 in a 7 game series.  The other 2 times were in a 5 game series.    Bleacher Dave in Oakland

5) Man that John Marzano runs his mouth.  How about the same day he loses to Sterno in video game baseball, he fights Micucci for 2 rounds. If Micucci survives, Marzano has to give up cheese steak for a year. If Marzano ko?s Micucci, Vinny has to host every show on MLB Radio for the entire day: Leading Off, Fantasy 411, Midday, Leading Off (no rerun), Bottom Line, Wheelhouse, and UTL.  Just an interesting idea.   Nate in Chicago

This clearly means business…..
Img_5031_2     Tale of the Tape
      Micucci                        vs.                         Marzano
      5’9" and 9/10s                                            5’11" – this is a stretch
      185 lbs                                                       205
      DOB: 4.27.79                                              DOB: 2.14.63
                                Reach: 4 feet                                             Reach: for donuts only
                                Advantage – youth                                     Advantage – actual athlete
                                Disadvantage – shirt selection                   Disadvantage – always talking

1 Comment

Can there be a Double KO? My guess on how the fight would go… Marzano reaches for the last donut… Micucci reaches for the last new shirt on the rack… the problem is, in the process they knock each other to the ground because the item they are reaching for is behind their opponent’s back. Due to the furiousity of the reach for their favorite items, the blows end the fight before it even begins.

Ding! Ding! Ding! KO! KO!

Sound about right?



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