Extra Innings: 05/08/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Alex Gonzalez went to Cincinnati for his defense yet he has been exceptional offensively as well. He is hitting .307 with 7 homeruns. Sometimes players become better hitters as they get older. He is finally maturing and hitting pitches in the zone, whereas in the previous couple of years he was more of a free swinger.
P.S. – Be sure to visit www.marzanoscoutleague.com for information on how to showcase your talents.

Cuch’s thoughts:  I hope you enjoyed the Orioles – Indians game yesterday, but i know i enjoyed the Hot Dog eating contest more! In the press box, Washington Post writer Adam Kilgore defeated the AP’s Dave Ginsberg 12-11. Adam ate the game-winning hot dog in the 6th inning. The rules were each had to have one hot dog, bun and all per half inning.
P.S. – I wish I had John’s scout league when i was younger. I still wouldn’t have gone anywhere, but I can dream!

GREAT UNDER THE BUS fun today – keep it up and thanks for the fun responses!

We are having a bunch of fun on the show, hope the same is true for you
John & Vinny


John- Where was your scout league when I needed it? I was a lefty pitcher in high school and college, until arm problems…****** curveball…
It’s too late for me, but maybe the Marzano Scout League is what the Yankee bullpen needs.

Great show guys… Not sure how my day would start if I couldn’t listen to it at the office…


Thanks for the comments…good stuff and thanks for checking out the show! John and I like your blog as well…actually John can’t read, but i do. We have added you to the list of Leading Off links…
Thanks again

I picked Alex up primarily because he’s hitting in Cincinnati. He’s been great so far, but I think he’ll be swinging for the fences again and though he may match his career high in homers (20), doing so will result in his return to below .250 and many K’s by the end of the season. He’s like a stock that has really taken off and is at its high for the year; do I sell it and take my profits? or do I hold and hope he won’t return to past performance? I’m inclined to trade him now. He was fantastic at SS for Boston last year, but I think he realized that the big contracts don’t go to the defensive stars; he’ll be going for 20+ homers and may make it, but how many O-fers will it take to get there?

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