Extra Innings: 05/09/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Anthony Lerew got his first start for the Braves and pitched a very good game. It is amazing how no matter who the Braves call up, they seem to know how to pitch. Redman was a complete bust and somehow Lerew will find a way to win 10 games with this team.
Body language screams…it never whispers! Just look at the body language on Mark Grudzielanek after Billy Butler dropped a fly ball in LF. I think you are looking at a team that is totally deflated and has lost its confidence.
P.S. – Looking forward to seeing Rickey Henderson leading off tomorrow for the Detroit Tigers

Cuch’s thoughts:  How about that? We went the entire show without talking about Alex Rodriguez and we made it. In all seriousness, since i was on board with A-Rod since day one, I am happily enjoying as he hit his 15th homer of the season in a win over Texas on Tuesday.
P.S. – More to come on MLB.com’s and the Baseball Channels involvement with the Guiding Eyes for the Blind foundation. It was a pleasure to be at the welcome reception where Giants QB Eli Manning spoke.


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Now if you guys could just not talk about Clemens for 1 show, that’d be stellar..

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