Extra Innings: 05/10/07

Marz’s thoughts:  The Oakland A’s are at .500 once again and who can be surprised? Even with all the injuries, GM Billy Beane makes it work so that they can stay afloat. Plus, anyone who follows the A’s knows they have a big month in them ahead and a good second half. Look out for the Athletics.
P.S. – I will never forget the disrespect that Casey showed with his "non-handshake" and I will beat him badly on the June 23rd at Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant when we battle.

Cuch’s thoughts:  The O’s got the win and Erik Bedard struck out 10 but do NOT overlook the outing from Tampa Bay’s James Shields who went 9 full innings before the bullpen blew it in the 1-0 loss. When i asked Rays reporter Bill Chastain at the beginning of the season who might join Scott Kazmir as an elite guy on the Rays staff and to his credit he said that James Shields would be that guy!
P.S. – Curt Schilling does so much good off the field and with charities that I do not hate the guy, but i am good with Curt Schilling comments for the rest of the year…and that includes on baseball…

Great stuff from everyone and be sure to be at Mickey Mantles Restaurant in NYC on June 23rd when John battles Casey in the big matchup!

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the kind words and add…

There were some great pitching matchups last night with Bedard/Shields, Gorzelanny/Marquis, Cladio Vargas, and even Dice-K. Yeah, the home run is great, but I’ll take a pitching duel any day of the week.

Looking forward to the 23rd. The wife and I will have to get our Mickey Mantle’s on and root the Phillies on!


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