Extra Innings: 05/18/07

Marz’s thoughts:  With Interleague Play beginning again tonight, I would like to see the whole idea of it abolished. It has totally run its course and I think it takes away from the postseason. I liked it better when teams met in the World Series that have never met before in the regular season. There was an intrigue there.
P.S. – No, contrary to popular belief, it was NOT me who streaked onto the field in Philadelphia.

Cuch’s thoughts:  I am totally fine with Interleague play, but lets see if pulled back a little. No more than 10 games a year and 1 series with your natural rival. See example here:
        In 2007 – The Dodgers may play 3 @ Angels, 3 @ Rangers & 4 v. Mariners
        In 2008 – The Dodgers may play 3 v. Angels, 3 v. Twins & 4 @ Royals
Under this system, it balances the schedule a little bit, you still get Interleague action for NL only or AL only cities and you keep some intriguing matchups just that…..intriguing over the years.
P.S. – Jason Giambi’s comments sound like he is still upset with himself and how everything has come out about steroids. He clearly is apologetic and is trying to make ammends. Let’s move on and stop steroids from happening now.

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