Extra Innings: 05/21/07

Marz’s thoughts:  I am glad to see that Interleague play is over. Now i can get to watching some good divisional battles. I will be focused on the Yankees-Red Sox tonight. I really would like to see the Yankees play better and put a little pressure on the Red Sox but I just don’t think it will happen. They are too old and they are not going to all turn it around enough to even make the playoffs.
P.S. – If the Yankees really want to get younger, they should bring me back and see the difference I make as they fight Boston!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Talk about a tale of two different teams. They may have met in the 2006 World Series but these aren’t the same teams. The Tigers look like they could get back there. They are hitting on all cylinders, are playing well without Kenny Rogers and Joel Zumaya and just swept St. Louis. The Cardinals on the other hand might finish 5th in their division. They played well at the right time last October but this does NOT surprise me. They are not that good of a team with weak pitching and when the offense is playing as poorly as they have so far, it is no surprise that they are so far below .500.
P.S. – The Ducks (with one more win) will beat the Senators in the Stanley Cup Finals. Why? Because it will be the 3rd straight year that Hockey Crazy Canada will be ousted by a warm weather US city for the ultimate prize.

Tampa Bay over Calgary – 2004
Carolina over Edmonton – 2005

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