Extra Innings: 05/25/07

Seth’s thoughts:  Pinch-hitting for Marzano was fun and Vinny and I go together like Smoltz and Glavine except they are now on different teams and throw with the opposite arm among other things but you get the point. Sorry Mets fans, but you know that Glavine was over the loss and happy that his buddy reached 200 career wins last night!
P.S. – Why does John think i need a bigger chair and how are you gonna knock a guy with Plantar Fasciatis?

Cuch’s thoughts:  Thanks to Seth for stepping in…I always have a great time talking with him. However, I am certainly looking forward to the return of Marz on Tuesday! Thanks also to Brett doing a great job – it will be fun to have Chris back in the saddle Tuesday as well! Enjoy the Holiday weekend of baseball and prediction of the weekend…James Shields will pitch beautifully tonight in Chicago leading the Rays to a big win and series sweep over the White Sox.
P.S. – Petey Mac is the man – that guy gives great information when he jumps on. Now i just have to figure out a way to get on his schedule for a day and play some golf…

Enjoy the weekend and thank you to the Veterans of this country on this Memorial Day weekend!

The Leading Off Show

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