Extra Innings: 05/29/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Watching that Ryan Freel play when he collided with Norris Hopper in right-centerfield, I was inspired by the way, this young man plays the game of baseball. The Cincinnati Reds are having a horrible season and if there is any reason to go out and watch a baseball game it is because of Ryan Freel. He plays the game because he loves baseball… not for the money… not for the glory! In this day and age of homeruns, RBI’s and slugging percentage, people tend to overlook the players that play for the love of the game.
P.S. – Bobby Abreu and Rod Barajas – please read the comments above!

Cuch’s thoughts:  After being at 2 straight Roger Clemens’ tune up starts in the Minor Leagues, this is a guy who is ready to go! He looked good in the AA start to me. I don’t mind that his walks were a bit up or his line was not great. Ultimately, he is a veteran and KNOWS what he needs to do to get major league hitters out. Expect Clemens not to be the SAVIOR, but the stabilizer.
P.S. – What is the negative thing? I am told I am one of the most positive people around. I am gonna start throwing things in studio. No wait, i am just kidding.
P.P.S – How about Al Roker? He was great!

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