Extra Innings: 05/31/07

Marz’s thoughts:  With all of my blabbering during the show, we completely were overshadowed with the masterful performance of Chris Young. The Padres received a big game from the big guy and despite the fact that he is tall, he gives the impression that he doesn’t challenge you often. He doesn’t throw awfully hard, yet he will come right at you.
P.S. – Next time i am out on the field playing football, i pledge to interfere with Deion Sanders so that he doesn’t make the catch.

Cuch’s thoughts:  The All-Star balloting update is out there and we will talk about this on the show more but the voting bothers me. I like that the fans are involved but they often vote the wrong guys in. The major markets get the entire starting lineup and i want to see when someone who really deserves it gets the nod!
P.S. – John Marzano…you think you would dress up for the show. Did you see my nice pimpin’ shirt and tie. You wear an Astros shirt? They have lost 10 in a row!

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