Extra Innings: 06/01/07

Marz’s thoughts:  I had never seen such a wonderful brand of acting until i laid eyes on the work by EJ the Engineer. His acting was solid. The acting going on in Texas and St. Louis is not. We at the show expected more out of these guys and they will need to step it up now if they want to finish with a respectable season.
P.S. – Our producer Chris Caron can only aspire to one day be half the man EJ the Engineer is

Cuch’s thoughts:  I am really looking forward to the Marzano-Stern battle for all the marbles in a few weeks. On June 23rd, at Mickey Mantles restaurant in NYC, Marzano as the Phillies visits Stern as the Mets in a Playstation 3 sponsered event!
P.S. – I will have to do some serious prep work for this broadcast. Stay tuned in the coming weeks. I will have interviews of the competitors, starting lineups, the starting pitchers and more all announced as we get closer.

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So.. Why can’t I get podcasts of your show? This is an outrage!

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