Extra Innings: 06/12/07

Marz’s thoughts:  It is amazing to me all the attention that Roger Clemens received for wanting to spend time with his family and be away from the team for only a couple of times a year. Randy Johnson won’t make the trip to Yankee Stadium this week and it is no big deal. Isn’t that a double standard? I have no problem with Randy Johnson not making this trip. He is 43…and has a bad back but Roger Clemens should not receive that same abuse when someone who is about to be 45 is not benefitting from sitting on a plane during a road trip where he will not pitch.
P.S. – I am gonna turn 45 soon to, so i plan to stop commuting!

Cuch’s thoughts:  The USA Today article referencing the top 25 stories of the past 25 years is unfair in my opinion. Determining the difference between a story and the 25 greatest games or moments is difficult. This list would be very different if they explained that.
P.S. – Webb v. Wang should be a great matchup tonight, the M’s will continue to play some great ball as they visit the Cubs and at 1 game below .500…the Rockies will get a nice test this week in Boston!

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John- You’re a Philly guy like Rocky… You’re the underdog, like Rocky. What did Rocky have that you don’t? A montage… You get a montage, and Stern’s all yours.

At 45 you shouldn’t have to commute. You need to hire the Hendricks brothers to work that out. I look forward to watching Leading Off seeing John Marzano, “via satellite”.

Looking forward to the 22nd!


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