Extra Innings: 06/13/07

Marz’s thoughts:  The Houston Astros have been struggling all year and are looking to trade Brad Lidge and they give him an opportunity to save a game last night and he blows it. What i saw last night was a guy who has way too much anxiety when in pressure situations. After he blew the save, he was a much better pitcher. He had all his pitches working and kept them down in the zone. The Astros probably will trade him but won’t get the value that they want for him because he proved to me that he can’t close anymore.
P.S. – I don’t get my nails manicured or peticured but i know that Vinny does!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Jim Thome will get the start in Philadelphia today at 1B for the White Sox. It is nice to see the fans in Philly give a little love to their former star. He has certainly accomplished alot and although Philly fans are normally tough, it was nice to see them support a former player of theirs!
P.S. – I do NOT get manicures. Just because I can cut my nails in a straight line and when i shower i am sure to get the dirt out from under them does not make me Metrosexual! I think that Johnny is just jealous!

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