Extra Innings: 06/14/07

Hey Vinny and John,
How bad can the Orioles be?!?? I don’t think they were a playoff time but I think everyone predicted them as a 82-85 win team. They are about to get spent by the Triple-A Nationals and we are on pace for another 95 loss season. We aren’t doing anything right. Our starting pitching has been great actually – Bedard is great and even with Benson and Loewen and Wright (3/5 of our projected rotation) out for the season, Trachsel and Guthrie and even Brian Burres have been pleasant surprises. But our offense is terrible. I don’t care if Melvin Mora can hit a homerun if he is hitting .240! I thought Aubrey Huff was going to be the protectiob behind Tejada that he needed. Not when he hits .250! And our $42 million bullpen is terrible. Bradford, Williams, Williamson, Baez, and even Chris Ray take turns on any given night blowing the lead. Only the Orioles can have the lead, lose the lead, regain the lead, then lose the lead, then tie the game in the bottom of the 9th, then lose it in the 11th. Enough is enough. we should be playing better. Is firing Sam Perlozzo the answer?
Thanks – Jesse from New York

Marz’s thoughts:  The Baltimore Orioles are playing below expectations and it is a shame. However, it is NOT all Sam Perlozzo’s fault. However, he WILL be the fall guy in all of this. You can not fire an entire team and making drastic moves is financially difficult. You can fire the skipper and unfortunately, Perlozzo will be the 1st to go in 2007.
P.S. – Any and all 12 and under kids that want to get whooped in video games, let me know!

The Yankees are one game above .500 and yet everywhere you go it is all Yankees talk all the time. The Marines are 8 above .500, and they rarely get a mention. The Twins have the exact same record as the Yankees and are only 5.5 behind the leader and yet, you never seem to hear about them. The Yankees are the Paris Hilton of Baseball, no mater what they do, it is all anyone talks about.
Joe in Texas

Cuch’s thoughts:  You are right, they are the national story when they do not always deserve it. They have the largest fan base and more people visit the Yankee site than any other team in the league so you can not argue with that. HOWEVER, you can totally argue that several teams are a more impressive story at the moment with Seattle heading the list. The Mariners have done this all without great starts from King Felix every 5th day. Other honorable mentions go to: Milwaukee, Cleveland, Arizona and Colorado for playing baseball better than most critics expected!
P.S. – Stinky news of the Day: BJ Upton hits the 15 day DL and loses out on any chance that he could have received some last minute votes or increase his numbers so that he can make an All-Star appearance.

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I love the Orioles, but I?m glad I do watch other teams, and enjoy the game of baseball as a whole. The Orioles are a PAINFUL team to watch. I figured they?d be lucky to hit .500 this season, especially after the injuries to the pitching staff. I?m not sure where Jesse got his win projections from, most preseason mags had the Orioles in last place in the AL East, though I was hoping for .500 (here?s to optimism).

Their offense is non-existent (remember when Tejada had power???), their bullpen is overpaid (Danys Baez?s ERA looks like his salary), and their closer?s head rarely seems in the game (another loss for him last night).

I don?t think it?s all Perlozzo?s fault though. While I think he tends to pull his starters out of the game early, only so the bullpen can implode (there’s 42 millio0n well spent), he?s not the problem. The problem with the Orioles starts at the top. While Peter Angelos loves to meddle in team transactions, Mike Flanagan is a joker, and makes a ton of questionable moves. He?s lucky Matt Millen still has a job or he might be the worst GM in all of sports. Jim Duquette sounds like what he knows what?s going on, but I still can?t get the Victor Zambrano for Scott Kazmir trade out of my head. I could ramble on about the problems with the O?s, so I guess I?ll cut this short.

Perlozzo?s going to lose his job, no doubt; hopefully Mazzone won?t walk away with him. An Orioles manager has about a season and a half shelf life.


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