Extra Innings: 06/20/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Everyone talks alot about Tim Lincecum’s mechanics and how they are going to lead to injury. I disagree…I think his mechanics are going to lead to inconsistency. The movement of his head away from the strikezone is causing him to be wild. Until he learns to control his head and take it towards homeplate, he will struggle at the big league level. I will further breakdown his mechanics tomorrow on the show!!
P.S. – Tomorrow, I will come up with another big word much like today with "DaDaDuty"

Cuch’s thoughts:  Sammy Sosa went 0 for 4 with 3 strikeouts during his first big chance at 600 home runs. He was facing his old team for the first time ever in the Chicago Cubs. Tonight, he will have another shot at it and against Jason Marquis. He should hit it at home which is nice for the Rangers fans. Arlington is a hitters yard which is nice for Sammy and it should come against the Cubs which is fun for baseball and its fanbase.
P.S. – Alex Rodriguez is currently on pace for 67 HRs and 181 RBIs to go with 162 runs scored. That is RIDICULOUS!!!

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