Extra Innings: 06/21/07


Marz’s thoughts:  The Mets need some help from their offense. They are going to need some help from the Carlos’ – Beltran and Delgado will need to pick it up for the ineffectiveness of their starting staff. I do not think the pitching is all that great so they will need show their strength which is their offense. They might be the best team in the NL, and if it proves true, it will be because of their O!
P.S. – Have Jerry Hairston Jr. give me a call and i will spot him the 30 bucks to pay for his cell phone bill…haha

Cuch’s thoughts:  Well Chad Qualls has to understand that he can’t throw a ball in stands. I am not getting on him for being violent. It was simply frustration and that is fine but the big problem here is that someone may not be paying attention and get hit by a ball. The ball wasn’t in play and that is why the 3 game suspension is fine. It was an innocent move but the punishment does fit the crime.
P.S. – With the new developments of "Power Cord gate" i think that Marzano is at a slight disadvantage. One thing is for two – there will be two GEEKS sitting in front of their PS3’s LATE into Friday night practicing for their big moment at Mickey Mantle’s Saturday.

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