Extra Innings: 06/28/07

Marz’s thoughts:  It was great having Joe Garagiola on the show today. It was great hearing from a fellow catcher who played long before I did. It shows that baseball hasn’t changed from 1940 – 2007. There are the same topics, same on the mound chatter and same love for the game. If you get a chance to pick up the book – it is called "Just Play Ball"…you won’t regret it.
P.S. – Had I known that I had 191 hits, i would have played 5 more years to get those final 9 hits!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Today is the last day of voting for the All-Star game and lets push to get Matt Holliday there. Alright, it just doesn’t seem possible but how does a guy that leads the NL in batting and it a big reason why the club is around .500 not go as a starter!? His nearly 900,000 votes will keep him around 5th or 6th overall and that is a shame. Of course he will be brought on by the coaches but lets hope he doesn’t have to wait year in and year out to know if he will get that shot!
P.S. – Tomorrow we will break down who some of the buyers and sellers are in baseball. Will your Astros be sellers? Will your Yankees be buyers? Will your Expos be buyers? Wait – oh, nevermind!

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It was great hearing Joe Garagiola. It brought be back to being a kid and watching NBC’s game of the week on a Saturday afternoon. Those were some great memories…



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