Extra Innings: 06/27/07

Marz’s thoughts:  The Yankees have been struggling the past week and a half and you can see the frustration in last nights game. A fly ball to RF fell between Abreu and Cabrera who each pulled up. Andy Pettitte looked into the outfield in disgust with the lack of effort from his teammates in what would have been the 3rd out. The next hitter singled and drove in a run. After the inning, Pettitte was seen in the dugout throwing his glove and obscenities around. Joe Torre had to intervene and speak to Abreu and Cabrera. I like that fact that Pettitte still cares and wants to see more from his team considering he has received very little run support this season.
P.S. – I can’t wait to get home so I can download Paris Hilton’s ringtone. From what i hear, i can get the song at NO-TALENT.com.

Cuch’s thoughts:  The fans are allowed to vote and that is fine but this has to be the 1st year that they are not that bad! Normally, i do not like what the fans decide. Yes, the big markets effect it because Shawn Green ends up being in 5th place in the OF which is mind boggling. However, my bigger compaint is not getting the little guy who truly deserves it in. This year, we are getting a better response with leads by Russell Martin and Prince Fielder. Still, I would love to see Matt Holliday in the All Star game and he will have to hope to make the reserves and it appears as if that would be the case his whole career unless he becomes a no-brainer! This year the fans escaped my wrath but normally I would prefer to see coaches and players decide the whole thing!
P.S. – Caddy Pete is a good man! He listened to Marz act like a loony for 4 hours on Monday and took it all in stride! He also coached Marz to 3 really nice shots. Too bad, he took another 130!

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Here’s the way to fix the Yankees- SELL… The division is looking farther and farther away, and they are eight games out of the Wild Card with 4 teams ahead of them.

Posada, Abreu, Rivera, & Rodriguez can all walk after the season. It might be time to go young in the Bronx and look toward next season.


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