Extra Innings: 07/02/07

Marz’s thoughts:  I think the Yankee run at the postseason is over. There is way too much dissention on this club. You have the veteran players arguing amongst each other about the way the Yankees are performing on the field. Scott Proctor needed to burn the stat sheet instead of his glove! Just because you put a Yankee uniform on doesn’t mean you are going to win championships and finish in 1st place each year. You need to go out and play as a team, perform as a team and that is how you WIN championships…and this bunch of Yankees don’t get that concept. Good Luck next year.
P.S. – It was a blast going to Saturdays Phils-Mets game with Cousin Jimmy Durante…at least the part that i could see when his nose wasn’t blocking my view!

Cuch’s thoughts:  In the final man voting, we here at "Leading Off" have endorsed Chris Young of the San Diego Padres and Pat Neshek of the Minnesota Twins. Will they get it? It seems unlikely with the trend in voting BUT they are the two that deserve it most! There will always be snubs at All Star games, selection shows for tournaments and awards like the Oscars but here you have the power to send the right two guys and the two that "Leading Off" endorses!
P.S. – Gotta defend Cousin James here…the guy had a nice time in Philadelphia and he had nice words to say about the stadium. If John keeps up his trash talking, i am gonna have to sing the Mets song to shut him up!

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vinny.. let your cousin phone in to do the singing! that way marz gets his song and you are off the hook!

and yeah.. agree on Young, but you reckon he might make the roster even if he isnt the final vote once ppl drop out cause of injury or rotation?

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