Extra Innings: 07/03/04

Marz’s thoughts:  Congratulations to Roger Clemens on his 350th career victory. We hadn’t seen this accomplishment since Warren Spahn since 1963. There aren’t too many more players besides Greg Maddux that will accomplish this feat. I remember going to Spring Training in 1985…my first big league camp not knowing that I was warming up and catching a legend. You have accomplished all your goals. I remember talking to you back when you were just a kid and saying that you would win a World Series, Cy Youngs reach milestones and you have reached them all!
P.S. – Happy 4th of July!

Cuch’s thoughts:  The best part of this past weekend was seeing Ernie Harwell in the booth for Sunday Night Baseball. Listen to him call a game. It is not about him…it is not about the fancy call…it is not about the squeezing in unnecessary knowledge to prove you are smart. It is about calling the game and only that. It is about being a legend and not thinking about it! I could hear the difference 10 fold over many other announcers and it makes me wish that he was calling the games of my favorite team when i was younger and I could have grown up with him. Oh well – I did NOT grow up in Detroit!
P.S. – If i hear anything EAGLES anymore again, I am gonna hit John over the head with my highlighter and trust me…he doesn’t want that.

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Cuch, you probably didn’t want to grow up in Detroit but I agree that Harwell was/is one of the greats.


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